COVID-19 Information

Update: May 12, 2020

There is a fair amount of bad information out there about COVID-19.  We are all in this together and since We at All About Me are All About You, we wanted to provide what we hope is useful information.  

COVID-19 Trusted Resources

To stay well informed, credible sources like the CDC (, and WHO ( have the latest factual information. To access a reliable and secure interactive map visit Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (

CARES Act – Useful Facts

– Federal Student Loans: As part of the CARES Act, interest on loans is waived for six months and payments may be suspended six months (ending September 30, 2020). Emergency financial aid may also be available for some students. To learn more, visit the Federal Student Aid webpage here.

– Tax Deadline Extended: The federal income tax deadline has been moved to July 15, 2020. Note that local state tax deadlines vary by state. To learn more about your specific state visit the Tax Foundation.

– 401(k) Loans: There are new loan options for people with 401(k) accounts. Contact your service provider for more information. For example, if your account is with Fidelity you should visit

Mental Health and COVID-19

It is normal to feel stressed or anxious during this time. It may be especially hard for people who already manage feelings of anxiety or emotional distress. The CDC provides information and resources that may be helpful. Their website can be found here:

Stay safe…

The Team @ All About Me