The Complete Skin Care Set

Awaken your best look! The set contains:


1x box of 5 hydrating face mask sheets.

1x face foaming cleanser 100ml.

1x hydrating lotion 100ml.


This kit has everything you need to get the best skin of your life. Cleanse and hydrate daily with our face foaming cleanser and lotion made from black charcoal, bamboo extracts and Jeju island water*. Don’t forget your bi-weekly face mask. In just 15 minutes your skin will look healthier, firmer and brighter.

  • About the Brand

    The team of skincare fanatics at Wolf Project set out to make the best possible products at an affordable price point, so more guys get into grooming and everyone's skin improves long-term. Their products make use of some of the most powerful Asian natural extracts out there, like Raykami, a Japanese plant that comes from one of the last primal forests on the planet. A boost of natural hydration, radiance and youthfulness!