Solo Noir Men’s Shaving Kit


The Solo Noir® all natural Shaving Kit for men is a grooming kit designed to provide a premium shaving experience by using a sleek pre-shave + shave cream for the perfect glide with maximum precision to result in a clean and close shave.

To minimize ingrown hairs and any shaving irritation this kit also contains solo noir’s brave™ aftershave + toner to provide nourishment and moisture to the skin after each shave. This particular kit is infused with shea butter, witch hazel, and avocado oil. 2 pcs.

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Scent Profile: Pine Essential Oil- Sweet Orange – Natural Pheromone

Eco-Claim: NO Parabens – NO Harsh Chemicals – NO Fragrances – NO Sulfates – NO Mineral Oils – ALL Natural Ingredients

Product Information & Tips: STEP 1: Shave with SLEEK™ after applying to the skin and shaving in the direction of your hair growth when shaving with a razor. When used with an electric shaver, apply to the skin, rinse, dry then shave as normal. Step 2: Use BRAVE™ to act as an astringent to disinfect and tighten the pores.

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