Grooming Lounge Some Hair Goop

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Pliable, taffy-like styler helps manipulate hair to almost any look imaginable. Offers just-right hold, a touch of shine and zero crispiness. Can deliver a buttoned-up or whacked-out look with ease. An anti-humectant, it won’t leave heads sweaty. Developed in the Grooming Lounge’s DC Barbershop by Master Barbers and other really smart humans. Sulfate free.

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Key Features:

  • Hold Factor: Medium
  • Finish: Low Shine
  • Improvements on last version:  More Pliable. Even Less Sticky. More Awesome.  More Magical. Longer Lasting. Higher Quality. More Durable.


Additional information

Weight3 oz

Suggested Use

Use Suggested content


Use some content


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