Top 5 Trends Shaping the Beauty Industry in 2020

The beauty industry has blown up to become a multi-billion dollar sector in recent years. There’s no sign of a slow down any time soon. Thanks to social media, the skin care and cosmetics industry is here to stay to give women, and men, around the world the confidence boost through the right products.


So what are the beauty and skincare trends this 2020?


First things first: Skin


Last year, skincare products from various brands have made the headlines. They have made a lot of people obsessed with products that help your skin glow, hydrated, radiant, and nourished. These include brands like The Ordinary, Dermalogica, Etude House, La Mer, Tony Moly, Mario Badescu, CosRx, and Mamonde, to name a few.


Euphoric eyes


Gone are the days when eyeliners and eyeshadows stick to neutral colors. Nowadays, rhinestones and gems are making their way up to your eyelids for a more euphoric effect. In fact, the runways were teeming of ruby red crystals on eyelids. Although it’s a self-expressive way of doing makeup, more and more catwalks and even in mainstream media will see brightly colored eyes decked with shining, shimmering decals.


Cool-colored eyes


Still, on the subject of eyeliners and eyeshadows, cool tones will be dominant this year. While a lot of people are still gaga over warm hues, shades of blue, green, purple, and pink will become the fad these days. Last month’s NYFW S/S 2020 saw a lot of pastel blues and greens on the runways.


Bold-colored eyes are becoming the norm. Classic winged eyeliners will still be a thing but will be mixed up with bright shades and metallic finishes.


The not-so-subtle blush


Some years ago, a hint of blush was all it took to complete your look. Blush is one of the many products that can do a lot of difference to someone’s appearance but doesn’t get a lot of credit for it. It can make you look fresh and young. Plus, it gives a flat base some much-needed oomph. Blush tends to be subtle in the past years but is set to change this year. Nowadays, draping blush, which involves the cheeks and temples, is becoming more popular, especially among the younger generations.


Ombre hair out; twilighting in


This is the latest hair-color trend that’s making waves this year. Twilighting is the technique used to add some golden dimensions into brunette hair with warm undertones by painting balayage pieces to reflect golden hues. It’s going to be a hot thing this year because not only does it make your hair look prettier but it’s also low-maintenance. This means that you can carry it from one season to another. All you need is to get a touch-up after 12 to 16 weeks.


Bottom line


There’s so much you can do to change your look this year. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you’ve been dying to try a certain style but were too afraid of what other people will say, shake off those negative feelings and just go for it. After all, the biggest trend this 2020 is being more comfortable in your own skin.

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